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We're back for Cataclysm starting at 4.0.3a

Duodecimal, Nov 20, 10 9:36 AM.
Ramming Speed has already been active for a little while as the beta wound down and the world changes started accumulating.  We are officially restarting open recruitment as of 4.0.3a.  The handful of current members will be doubling shortly, and with 10-man raiding on par with 25-man, the old pressures that squashed small guilds in the past are gone.

Contact any online Ramming Speed guild member on the Eonar server to join. PRIORITY GOES TO GNOMES. Looking to level up in the expansion? Several of us are starting new gnomes (mine being a priest) come Cataclysm.

Ramming Speed closes down

Duodecimal, Apr 29, 09 6:55 AM.
We're no longer a going concern at this point.  I've spoken with Enlightened and they're compatible with our methods and whatsuch, so I recommended we move over there.  Details in the message-of-the-day.

Ramming Speed looking to acquire 10-man guild

Duodecimal, Mar 26, 09 7:44 AM.

We've got 15 raiding mains and would prefer to pick up the rest in one mighty gulp.

Ramming Speed is hungry. Contact Duodecimal / Doisprezece / to open diplomatic negotiations; Mastrshake or Angryscot if I'm not around.

We've seen everything. We've seen it all. And we will take you there.

--Raid Nights--
8-11 PM Tue/Wed/Thu
We've cleared all 10-man and have grouped with other guilds to clear 25-man content. We know the content, and we've got players who aren't the reason you're wiping eight times on Naxx trash. We do additional unscheduled raiding on other nights but players are free to pug unscheduled raids at their convenience.

--Loot Policy--
The Don't Be An Ass rule. We generally had a two-week probation period to make sure we're not picking up any new irredeemable loot whores (you know who you are, you guild-hopping pinhead). Curbstomped 10man farm content becomes grouploot, but we masterloot the newer stuff and 25-man runs. Everyone knows we're fair.

These are the hard-and-fast things that won't change. If your guild is compatible with this, get with me and we'll talk structure and stuff. Ramming Speed is over four years old, and will not be disbanded for the merger. This is an acquisition: We will consume you and add your distinctiveness to our own.

Our current lineup of mains (not counting half a dozen raiding alts):

Warriors: 2
Paladins: 3
DKs: 2
Mages: 3
Priests: 2
Hunters: 1
Shaman: 0
Rogues: 0
Warlocks: 1
Druids: 1

So iffin I can't get a whole guild to eat, I'll take rogues, shaman, a druid or two, another lock mebbe, a hunter, another priest ... anything but paladin or mage I'd say since those are topped off.


Ramming Speed Turns 4!

Duodecimal, Jan 14, 09 7:16 PM.
After scraping together funds, a small knot of gnomes trudged into the Ironforge guild hall and acquired a guild charter for RAMMING SPEED!

Signatures were collected, and soon enough, the system ate the charter. 

So we did it again a few days later, this time through a different office, and on January 15th, 2005, Ramming Speed was formed.


Thursday night, Ramming Speed will be meeting up with another guild for a 25-man run on Naxxramas, after spending the previous weeks and weeks clearing the place 10-man mode.

Recruitment is ongoing. We need healers, another tank or two, and dps. Anything but rogues, really, somehow we wound up with more rogues than would be optimal. And not one of them is a gnome.

10 Man Recruitment Complete

Duodecimal, Dec 22, 08 6:52 PM.
Ramming Speed's initial core raiding team is complete!

Angryscot - Warrior Tank
Vladymyr - Deathknight DPS Tankish thing
Garris - Retadin with KINGS
Mastrshake - Paladin Mainheal
Chriselune - Druid Offheal/Group
Midnighträin - Druid Groupheal
Duodecimal - Gnome Mage
Neocronus - Boomkin
Dargonson - Hunter

Yes, that's 9.  Which means after New Year's we'll be expanding recruitment to get to 25-man raiding since the recruits in the pipeline will push us over the threshold anyway.
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